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Project Description Last Change
component_app.git Rails 3 application runnable either standalone or as a Rails Engine inside another one 8 years ago
moje_prvni_webova_aplikace.git Jednoducha webova aplikace pro vyuku programovani na FFUK 8 years ago
rack_and_middlewares.git Example code to show Rack and middleware concept at Prague Ruby meetup 8 years ago
resque_demo.git A set of scripts to demonstrate the Resque framework for processing background jobs 7 years ago
resque_job_polling_demo.git Demo application to show how to use Resque for advanced job storage, job status polling, etc 7 years ago
shared_repository.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 7 years ago
shell_app.git Shell Rails 3 application to load Rails Engine into 8 years ago
visualizing_couchdb_changes.git Playing with displaying CouchDB _changes feed via Node.js and WebSockets 7 years ago